Urgent Safety Bulletin For Silent Gliss Curtain Tracks


It has come to our attention recently that the incorrect fitting of "Blues and Whites" could result in harm coming to patients.


Only one "Blue" curtain hook should be used per curtain, on the leading edge.
The "Blue" hook is stronger and should only be used with the "White" hooks.
All the hooks are designed to snap after a few times of popping in and out of the curtain track. New stock can be purchased from President Blinds.


In future the "White" are being updated with new "Yellow" hooks.


See photos below for examples of incorrect and correct fitting.



Incorrect - all blues








Correct - one leading blue with whites








Correct - one leading blue with yellows










For South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust only.


Since 15th April 2014, President Blinds, have revised the amount yellow poppers, installed in the Silent Gliss track. After the results of the DAG test, we now fit 5 per metre. It doesn't look very pretty, and leaves the curtains gapping at the top, but we know, it will break away at 22kg, using this method.


No BLUE poppers should be used, on any part of the trust.



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